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Millennial RV Travel Trends: How Millennials Turning 40 Impacts RV Travel as we know it


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As millennials embrace new travel trends, the campground market is evolving to meet their needs.

Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are now entering their 40s. Their changing preferences are profoundly impacting the campground and RV resort market. Because of this change, the industry has to adapt to meet these influential travelers' needs and wants.

A Growing Demand for Experiences and Sustainability

A recent CNBC article reported that millennials are reshaping the travel industry as they prioritize experiences, adventure, and sustainability. As this generation ages, they are seeking more authentic and meaningful trips, often opting for eco-friendly accommodations and eco-conscious travel options.

This shift in travel preferences has resulted in a surge in demand for experiences and amenity-rich campgrounds, which provide a perfect blend of adventure, affordability, and environmental consciousness. These venues are responding by offering more diverse and experiential options. This growth is eerily similar to what happened with glamping, eco-lodges, eco-tourism, and unique outdoor activities over the past 7–10 years.

Connecting with Nature and Prioritizing Wellness is Key

Millennials place a high value on wellness and work-life balance, which is influencing their travel choices. Unfortunately, campgrounds and RV resorts have been slow to adapt to the changing needs of travelers and take advantage of this trend by offering wellness-focused amenities and experiences. Wellness centers, fitness studios, yoga retreats, and therapy based on nature are some of the things that millennials and other modern travelers look for in campgrounds.

In addition, millennials are increasingly interested in connecting with nature during their trips. Forward-thinking campgrounds use natural elements like green spaces and materials that can be used again and again.

Technology and Digital Connectivity is a Must

As digital natives, millennials expect seamless technology integration and connectivity during their travels. The campground business has taken notice, but there aren't many that have advanced booking systems, high-speed Wi-Fi, and mobile apps that make the guest experience better. Good old-fashioned customer service like text message support, answering the phone, and after-hours answering services are a start, but many campgrounds are lacking in this department as well. This focus on service and technology not only meets the needs of travelers in their 30s and 40s but also makes operations run more smoothly and gives these venues a competitive edge.

Expecting Collaborative and Social Travel Experiences

Millennials are known for valuing social connections and collaborative experiences, both of which should be givens at all destination campgrounds today. Many of these venues are creating communal spaces where guests can interact, share stories, and forge new connections. This shift towards social and collaborative travel experiences has led to the growth of kids' and adults' summer camps and other themed events that cater to this generation's desire for unique, shared experiences.

Shaping The Future of Campgrounds

As millennials continue to have an impact on the travel industry, the existing campground market will have to change and adapt to meet their ever-changing needs. By putting experiences, sustainability, wellness, technology, and social connections first, these venues can take advantage of this influential generation's large social impact and spending power and ensure their long-term success in the industry.

CampersDAO is in a good position to meet the needs of modern RVers and help shape the future of campgrounds. CampersDAO is a community-led project that makes sure campgrounds have a wide range of services and resources that meet the needs of today's travelers. The project is based on a deep understanding of how the preferences of millennial traveler groups and campers of all ages change over time.

At its core, the CampersDAO community is all about technology and personal service. We want to make it easy for our members to book trips and give them digital tools and resources to improve their trips. This focus on digital connectivity meets the needs of tech-savvy millennials. It also ensures that users have a smooth and enjoyable time before, during, and after their stay at a CampersDAO property.

Furthermore, CampersDAO understands the importance of social connections and collaborative experiences for millennial travelers. Whether it’s by choosing and creating modern campgrounds with shared spaces and themed events, an emphasis on eco-friendly properties, wellness facilities, access to nature, entertainment, and local vibes. Ultimately, our community wants to reflect the values and interests of today's RVers, based on what they say they want, not what we think will make them happy.

CampersDAO is set to be a major player in the campground market as it continues to change to meet the needs of millennial travel trends and modern travelers in general. CampersDAO will contribute to the growth and success of campgrounds by staying on top of trends and adapting to its users' ever-changing tastes. It will also help shape a future of travel that is more tech-forward, sustainable, socially connected, and full of memorable experiences.

Do you agree or disagree with these trends? What else should be upgraded or changed at campgrounds, or has changed for the worse? Let us know in the comments below.


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