April 9

Embracing Future Camping Demands: How CampersDAO Aims to Meet the Needs of Today’s Modern Campers and RV Travelers


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As a generation driven by unique experiences and memorable moments, millennials and Gen Z have brought about a significant shift in the camping and RV travel industry. Glamping—a luxurious, high-end approach to camping—marked the beginning of this transformation, and now the demand for modern, tech-savvy campgrounds is skyrocketing.

According to the RV Industry Association, nearly 40% of RV owners are millennials or Gen Z, and more than 50% of all RV owners are under the age of 55. As these tech-savvy individuals embrace the joys of camping, the industry must adapt to prioritize their needs and preferences. CampersDAO, a community-driven organization, is on a mission to cater to this new wave of camping enthusiasts by modernizing RV campgrounds and creating unforgettable experiences. 

At its inception, CampersDAO was built around a tech-first modern campground mantra. Our member-led community will drive the key decisions about what campgrounds to buy, how to operate them, and what technology, experiences, and facilities should be implemented. 

In this article, we'll discuss some of the most recent camping trends as well as how CampersDAO is responding to them to design cutting-edge campgrounds for today's savvy campers.

Upgraded Campground Technology Systems

One of the key factors driving modern campers is their affinity for technology. In the past, camping was about disconnecting from technology. Today, it's about accepting it and finding the right balance of connecting and disconnecting on your own terms.

Creating a modern campground experience that's smart-tech enabled but also strikes a balance with nature. This starts with having the best technology and systems even before our guests arrive. Whether this is a smooth user experience on our website, a smart booking app that makes booking and adjusting travel dates easy, text messaging, or phone support, CampersDAO knows how important a smooth online experience is and plans to add it to its systems for managing campgrounds.

Active Social Media and Web Presence

Social media is another aspect that plays a vital role in the lives of today's campers, with 43% of millennials using a platform as a daily news source. CampersDAO campgrounds will follow this trend by being active on social media, sharing interesting content, and showing off their modern campgrounds' unique features, amenities, and community.

Internet, WiFi, Connectivity and Supporting Hush Trips

In the world of camping and RVing, internet connectivity has become a must-have amenity. Studies show that 84% of RV users want internet connectivity while traveling, and 59% have worked from their RV at least once. This trend is part of the digital nomad movement, where people seek out "workations" and prioritize having access to Wi-Fi while they disconnect in nature. 

In addition to this, a recent report from RVShare has identified a new travel trend called "Hush Trips," which involves remote employees taking vacations while continuing to work. The report indicates that 56% of working adults are likely to take a Hush Trip, and 36% of Gen X and Millennials have already planned one for 2023. Campgrounds should have reliable Wi-Fi access all over their grounds and at every campsite if they want to attract modern campers and Hush Trippers. Campers expect that high-quality internet should be complimentary, and we agree. There’s no excuse for not delivering connectivity; even for campgrounds in remote areas, services like Starlink are offering business-level connectivity. CampersDAO will ensure that all campgrounds have free, fast, and reliable WiFi to meet the needs of modern travelers.

Adapting to the Rise of Electric RVs and Vehicles with Sustainable Eco-friendly Practices

We all know how important it is to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage responsible camping. So, modern campgrounds need to be at the front of the pack when it comes to doing things that are sustainable and good for the environment.

The ability to accommodate the incoming electric RVs and charge electric vehicles at the campsite is another key benefit. As electric RVs continue to gain popularity, campgrounds across the country are beginning to adapt to support the needs of this rapidly growing trend. Winnebago's all-electric RVs and Bowlus's all-electric models are two companies leading the way, so it's important for modern campgrounds to change and make sure they have the right infrastructure for electric RV users.

Installing charging stations for electric vehicles is one of the most important parts of this change. According to Grounded RVs, campgrounds that wish to attract eco-conscious campers should prioritize adding dedicated charging stations to their facilities. These charging stations will not only help campers power up their electric RVs, but they will also demonstrate a commitment to supporting sustainable travel.

Furthermore, campgrounds should invest in solar-powered infrastructure to offset the increased demand for electricity. Companies like Lightship have unveiled innovative electric RV trailers such as the L1, which allows for full-range EV towing. By using solar energy solutions, campgrounds can give their guests clean, renewable energy while also reducing their impact on the environment.

Lastly, campground operators should consider offering educational resources and hosting workshops related to electric RVs. This will help campers understand the benefits of electric vehicles as well as teach them about proper charging etiquette and safety. 

Campgrounds that focus on their expansion plans and amenities to meet the needs of modern travelers for constant connectivity and power will set the standard for the camping industry. This includes adding recycling programs, water conservation efforts, and more.

Creating Unique Experiences for Modern Campers

At CampersDAO, we know that the best way to attract and keep today’s campers coming back is to give them memorable experiences. That's why we will focus on personalizing each stay and offering activities that cater to the preferences of today's campers.

Our campgrounds will have a variety of indoor and outdoor things to do, based on what our community wants and what makes each CampersDAO campground special. Other experiences will include taking advantage of the local flair, events, and seasonal activities. We also want to set up games, activities, group fitness classes, and premium entertainment options that will get people connecting with each other and make the camping trip memorable for both groups of friends and families. Additionally, our properties will be pet-friendly, allowing campers to bring their furry loved ones along on their adventures.

Modern campgrounds must commit to delivering unique on-site experiences for their guests. It’s also helpful to choose campground locations that are close enough for memorable off-site experiences. Today’s travelers are seeking experiences over stuff, and CampersDAO is committed to delivering the onsite and offsite experiences that modern campers are seeking.

Modern Campground Facilities

CampersDAO is committed to providing cutting-edge facilities and amenities that meet the needs of modern campers as they change. Examples of meaningful amenities are wellness, fitness, and self-care centers; resort-style pools; adult and kid activity centers; exercise trails; pet accommodations like dog parks and pet-washing stations; concierge services; game rooms; and a wide range of activities to make sure they are comfortable and have a good time. 

CampersDAO will use green architecture and design principles to make our campgrounds and facilities as environmentally friendly as possible.

Preferred Availability and Longer-Term Stays

Anyone who’s been traveling over the past few years has experienced the lack of campground availability and overcrowding. We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience for CampersDAO members, which is why we strive to offer preferred availability and longer-term stays.

CampersDAO: Pioneering the Future of Camping with a Community of Travel Visionaries

CampersDAO isn't just about developing modern campgrounds; it's also about building a community of travel visionaries who share a passion for RVing and the great outdoors. By joining our community, you can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and contribute to the growth and development of our campgrounds.

The camping and RV travel industry is changing because millennials and Gen Z campers want unique, tech-savvy, and memorable experiences. Traditional campgrounds have had a hard time keeping up with the changing needs of campers, but CampersDAO is dedicated to making modern campgrounds that meet the needs of campers today.

CampersDAO is at the forefront of the future camping demands. We are modernizing RV campgrounds to attract millennials and other tech-savvy, socially conscious campers. Our member-led community is made up of experts in the industry, frequent RV and campground travelers, and other enthusiasts who fit the demographics that are driving this need. This enables us to serve their needs effectively and stay ahead of the curve.

By working together, we can change the face of RV travel and create unforgettable experiences for the next generation of campers. Join us at CampersDAO.com and be a part of this exciting movement to redefine the future of camping.

As a private and crowdfunded project, CampersDAO is focused on buying and operating a network of top-rated modern campgrounds run by a community of 10,000 travel visionaries. We aim to offer preferred availability, longer-term stays, meaningful amenities and activities, high-speed internet, attentive staff, modern facilities, and wellness centers to meet the expectations of today's RVers.

By joining CampersDAO, you'll become part of a movement dedicated to changing RV travel as we know it. Our mission is to modernize campgrounds, memberships, and communities to better serve today's RVers and create unforgettable camping experiences. Our dedication to new ideas, sustainability, and welcoming everyone means that we can give our guests the best camping experience possible while also paving the way for the future of the RV and camping industries.

We invite you to become part of our member-led community and help us shape the future of RV travel. Together, we can redefine the camping experience and create a network of modern campgrounds that meet the needs and demands of today's RV travelers. Join CampersDAO on this exciting journey, and let's change the world of RV travel together!

Visit our website, CampersDAO.com, to learn more about our vision and to become part of our growing community of travel visionaries.

What are you thoughts on future camping demands? Share them with us below.


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