We're buying a campground

A modern membership, campground and community for today's RV travelers.

Our Why

We're on a mission to modernize campgrounds, memberships and a community for today's RVers. Join us to change RV travel as we know it!

Modern Modern Campgrounds

Even though there are thousands of campgronds in the USA, they haven’t kept up with the growth and needs of today’s RVers.

Modern campers want parks with preferred availability, longer-term stays, meaningful amenities and activities, high-speed internet, attentive staff, modern facilities, wellness centers, and more.

Ground is a private and crowdfunded project focused on buying and operating a network of top-rated modern campgrounds run by a community of 10,000 travel visionaries.

Modern Communities

As the voice of the modern RVer movement, our member-led community will create campgrounds, disruptive RV industry businesses, experiences, and a community that caters to the next generation of outdoor recreation.

We’re a community focused on modern, first-class camping experiences, not on limiting access because of RV class, age, or status.

Our community is a place for the modern RVer to call home.

Modern Memberships

Limited to 10,000 memberships, Ground is the first ever campground membership built on blockchain technology, enabling democratized voting, and a membership that's an asset.

Members serve as our advisory board and help us decide which campgrounds to buy, how to modernize them, and how to run them.

Member benefits include priority park access, discounts & perks, innovative partnerships, products, and merch.

CrowdFounder Members

Ground is reimagining what membership looks like for the modern camper. Join 10,000 passionate RVers focused on growing a network of top-rated destinations, providing unique RV experiences, and helping change the way campground memberships work.


Customers served! 8000 Available

Benefits of being a Trailblazer Member:

  • Lifetime, fully transferable membership to all Ground locations.
  • 25% off camping fees at Ground's campgrounds.
  • Priority and advanced booking at Ground locations to ensure campsite availability.
  • Preferred booking for longer-term/seasonal stays at Ground locations.
  • Exclusive RV industry partnerships, discounts, perks, and experiences.
  • Discounts on Ground merchandise and modern camping gear.
  • Connect with fellow members online in the member community website and app.
  • Connect with other members at member events, rallies and regional groups outings.
  • Help other RV park owners cater to modern RVers in exchange for exclusive discounts and special perks at their campgrounds.
  • Invite to contribute to Ground company operations and get paid (park acquisition & management, community, partnerships & perks, growth, and core functions.)
  • 1 Advisory Board Seat / 1x Voting Governance: Decide which RV parks to buy, how to modernize them, and how they should operate.


Blending blockchain with terrain for today’s adventure capitalist. 


RV Ink is a private and crowdfunded project focused on buying and operating a network of top-rated modern campgrounds run by a community of 10,000 travel visionaries.

Our unique 10,000-member advisory board, the experience of our founding teams finding off-market deals, and our one-of-a-kind modern campgrounds are the blueprint for passive investors to get best-in-class investor returns, plus innovative travel perks.

If you’re an accredited investor in the United States or able to qualify to be one, schedule a time to chat with us about the upcoming RV Ink opportunities.




Press announcements, Member and launch partner outreach, and Community updates


Launch date announcements, giveaways, organize company and community tools, announce partnerships benefits and perks, launch community-led participate-to-earn program, identify campground prospects, voting, proposals, and hire core team members.


Execute on community proposals, schedule prospective campground visits, grow partnerships and member benefit stack, and hire additional community members to head key community-led operations.


Meet Travis

Hi, I'm Travis

RVing has been my passion for more than a decade, enjoying weekend getaways to year-long camping adventures with my wife and kids. My background building product and service businesses, and as a real estate broker has prepared me to lead such an ambitious mission of creating a modern campground experience with today's RVers.

Travis John

It's an exciting time for RV and camping enthusiasts, as Ground brings a new level of community, ownership, and adventure to the great outdoors.


How do I stay in the loop?

Simply sign up with your best email address and cell phone number, and we will keep you in the loop with project launch updates, membership giveaways, community calls, our newsletter, and more.

Email and text communication are proven ways to keep you in the loop. We take keeping your contact information in a safe place very seriously and will never give it to anyone else. Plus, we will never spam you. If you don’t want to hear from us, an opt-out is clearly provided in every email and text message we send.

How is this membership different than other campground memberships and passes?

Your membership gives you the right to vote and gives you access to exclusive benefits and privileges. This is the future of ownership. The Ground membership is just one example of how blockchain technology is changing how we store and track our assets. For example, real estate deeds, closing paperwork, and car titles are other things that are now being recorded on the blockchain.

The old way of doing memberships:
- Members are subjected to anything the company wants to change.
- Memberships cannot be sold or transferred without jumping through hoops.
- New members are added in perpetuity at the expense of existing ones, leading to limited availability, overcrowding, and, ironically, escalating dues and fees.

The new way of doing memberships:
- Limited to 10,000 members.
- Turns a membership into an asset that you own.
- You are the advisory board, so all critical decisions are community-driven, not company driven.
- Members can easily transfer, rent, or sell their membership through the use of blockchain technology without permission from Ground.
- One-time membership fee. No monthly fees, annual dues, or gotchas.

What does DAO mean?

In our case, DAO is meaningful in two unique ways.

The first comes from the traditional Chinese word DAO that means "way," "road," or "path" or "voice". It describes all of the ways the camping industry has changed over time and how important it is to meet the needs of modern RVers and the industry as a whole while keeping a balance between modern comfort and the way of nature as a whole.

The second and modern definition of DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is a type of digital organization that is run through a set of rules encoded into smart contracts on a blockchain. DAOs are intended to be more decentralized than typical businesses, which means that they are run by a group of people who reach an agreement on decisions through a voting process rather than by a single person or entity. Ground is the first decentralized autonomous organization in the camping sector. Our community-led entity puts our members in the driver's seat of our key company decisions.

More detailed information about the decentralized nature of our project and why it's important is below.

Simply put, DAOs are Communities 3.0, allowing the already tight-knit camping community to have a bigger say in how communities and businesses are run. Because DAO operations are fully transparent, our members are high-powered advisors, making the once-crazy idea of forming a group to "buy a campground" and building lifelong relationships (in real life and online) a reality.

As a society, we are moving away from businesses that offer products or services and towards DAO-like communities. Products and services are transactional. Communities are relational, just like camping, making this a natural transition to building a modern travel club for RV enthusiasts. Ground is making campground membership more democratic by giving members the right to vote and the power to decide how money is spent on buying and running top-rated RV parks. The beauty of DAOs is that membership and incentives are aligned, and there is accountability and transparency throughout the project.

The first generation of the web we read. The second generation we wrote. Now, in the third generation of the internet, we own and control our assets and experiences and choose the path or course we want to chart.

This is where DAOs, like Ground, come in.

What's the price of the membership?

The price for the Trailblazer membership will be $500, and the Pioneer membership will be $2000 USD. Each NFT membership investment price can be purchased with with a credit card or using a Web3 crypto wallet. Either way, your purchase and membership will be recorded on the blockchain as the record of ownership.

How long is my membership good for?

Both memberships remain valid as long as you are the owner, which means they are lifetime memberships and beyond because they can be transferred to anyone in your family.

When can I buy a Ground membership?

To stay in the loop with project updates and timelines, please join our interest list.

Will Ground retain any of the membership cards?

Yes. 10% of the memberships (1,000 total: 800 Trailblazer and 200 Pioneer memberships)are reserved for camping industry partners.

How many memberships can I purchase?

You can purchase up to four Trailblazer memberships and two Pioneer memberships.

What is an NFT membership?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital asset that represents ownership or proof of ownership of a unique item or asset. They are often used to represent ownership of digital art, collectible items, and other digital assets and can be bought, sold, and traded on various online platforms.

NFTs can also have utility in the real world by representing ownership or providing proof of ownership of real-world assets. For example, an NFT could represent ownership of a physical artwork or collectible, a ticket to an event, rewards at places like Starbucks, a deed or title to real estate or a car, or a membership like Ground that gives you access to special benefits and privileges. In these cases, the NFT serves as a digital representation of the real-world asset and can be easily transferred or sold through the use of blockchain technology.

Because NFTs are stored on a blockchain, they provide a transparent and immutable record of ownership, giving a level of trust and security that traditional memberships and assets don't have, which is why it's not surprising that most tech start-ups and household names like Sony, Starbucks, Disney, Google, and Amazon are already using or in the process of harnessing this technology now.

Those new to NFTs often think they are just pictures, art, and collectibles, but they are much more. That said, we understand that when NFTs don’t have a direct utility, like digital pictures and collectibles, they can seem arbitrary. When they are connected to real-world assets (RWA), like a campground and an experience, the value and scarcity of the NFT can be exponential. In fact, NFTs are a primary currency of the blockchain movement, and their ability to be building blocks of thriving communities will last forever.

Once someone understands the value of NFTs, they can’t unsee their potential to disrupt and revolutionize how assets, communities, and businesses are created and run. Ground's new business model uses the latest blockchain technology to turn a membership into an NFT asset. This is a new frontier for modern travelers. As any camper knows, there are a lot of camping memberships out there. When it comes to utility, democratization, community, a wide range of benefits, and endless potential, nothing will beat owning a Ground NFT membership.

How are we going to buy a RV campground?

The membership sales will pay for the community's first campground and keep the community-run business going. As expected, our 10,000 community members will determine what types of campgrounds to buy, and then the core team will execute what the community wants. We also have a Rolodex and relationships with top campground industry contacts that will give us an unfair advantage in sourcing and vetting US campgrounds and properties based on our community’s criteria.

How will the money from the membership sales be spent? 

Regarding how the money will be spent, up to 8% of the proceeds from the membership sales will go to the membership launch. This includes paying the launch team partners, marketing costs, whitelist fees, tech stack fees, integration fees, and so on. The remaining 92% of the sale proceeds will go directly to the DAO to spin up all the operations necessary to achieve the community goals. 32% of the remaining 92% of the treasury funds will be converted into stablecoins and US dollars (USD) right away to cover DAO and company operating costs, hire more team members, make a down payment on the campground, and pay DAO members for their contributions. The other 60% will be kept in Ethereum (ETH) and turned into stablecoins and USD as needed to cover additional operational costs, RV park purchases, and future growth.

Is the plan to pay cash for the campground purchase?

No. We plan to use a downpayment of 20-30% on the campground purchase, which is industry standard. The remainder will likely be financed with a traditional banking institution, or if applicable, a combination of seller financing. This approach increases our purchasing power to buy top-rated campgrounds while maintaining significant reserves in the company treasury.

Do CrowdFounder members own a piece of the campgrounds? 

CrowdFunders are buying a membership, not ownership. Aside from the high value of membership benefits and the minimal one-time investment of the Trailblazer and Pioneer memberships, it's not possible to create a legally binding DAO throughout the United States that provides ownership to 10,000 people.

For this reason, our organization has two parts. The first part is the DAO, which includes everyone who owns a membership and serves as the governing body for the second part, the company is US-based corporation.

This unique structure puts our community members in charge of company milestones. Put simply, members vote on proposals that direct key project decisions and company actions we adhere to online (executed on the blockchain) and as the Ground real-world organization (executed off the blockchain).

This structure lets us open bank accounts, sign contracts, use debt financing, own real estate (campgrounds), run the campgrounds on a daily basis, raise capital to expand our campground network quicker, not be labeled as a security, and more.

The funds raised from the crowdfunded membership sales and through accredited investors in the CampersDAO Fund will be used to buy and build Ground's first campground, and a network of others in the coming years.

It's important to note that our accredited investors are Limited Partners, which means their investment is limited to financial returns. Our community members will always serve as the company's advisory board for key decisions.

Are the campgrounds going to be named Ground?

Yes, Ground is the likely name for our portfolio of campgrounds and RV assets. Our community of visionaries, DAO members, and accredited investors are in the drivers' seat of the campground acquisition process and the vertically integrated operations of the network of campgrounds. For example, campgrounds we purchase will likely have established names and brands that may make sense to keep. That said, members will ultimately decide on the best name(s) for our network of campgrounds and RV assets.

Are camping fees included with my membership? 

Members will receive discounts on camping fees and will have access to free camping on specific dates that will be determined annually.

Can a friend or family member use my membership instead of me?

The membership is only valid for you, the holder. Of course, you can bring your friends and family to the campground with you for your stay. Depending on the campground and campsite rules the community establishes, this would typically be 4-6 adults per campsite, but at most 8 people per campsite.

Can I sell my membership if I am not using it? 

Yes. You can sell your membership anytime on popular NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea and Hyperspace.

Can I rent or lease my membership to someone else if I am unable to use it?

Membership renting is where owners can earn income by renting out their memberships if they are not using them for an extended period of time. This is another exciting benefit of owning a membership that lives on the blockchain. That said, it will be up to the community to vote and determine if this is something that should be approved and how it would work.